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Tips For Newly Graduated Designers

I have had the good fortune of sitting with some recent grads who also happened to be former students of mine. When they were in my class, they were still barely whetting their appetites for design. The rules of clear communication were not so clear to them — they wanted to make “cool” things, not […]

Hello Again.

It has been a little more than a year since I last posted on here and it’s time that I get back on this bandwagon. A very quick update of what has transpired in a year: Mabel is now 16 months old and we’re loving every minute of it. I am now the associate creative […]

It’s beginning to click!

You know when you’re trying really hard to understand something complicated and all of a sudden one day things just click? Folks, it’s happening. The mysteries of AS3 are becoming clearer and I’m finally having a moment or two of lucidity! And I have to say, I’m also beginning to understand all the hype about […]

Thank you book fairy!

There has been much controversy as of late on the existence of certain creatures that lurk in darkness around us. However today I stand as a solemn witness that the book fairy is real! He or she (the fairy’s identity alludes me) has chosen our humble abode to deposit a copy of Cameron Moll’s “Mobile […]

CalDAV support on Google Calendar

If you use your Google Calendar on your iPhone or Blackberry, CalDAV support might be of interest to you [update: or not]. You might also consider third-party alternatives (which I have not tried, but hear are very good). [update: anyone else getting a “calendar not found” error?] [update: hmm…seems to be back up for me. […]

Web 3.0 is here says Benioff

Salesforce’s CEO (Marc Benioff) – speaking on what he believes is the next wave of innovation to the internet – claims the era of Web 3.0 has already begun. Although the article very much feels like Salesforce trying to establish their leadership position, Benioff makes some good points with which I agree. Making predictions is […]