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Adobe Unleashes Flash…Again

Well, this should certainly prove to be interesting. Looks like Adobe is making some interesting changes to the licensing of Flash — particularly in the mobile device front — where it has now decided not to charge licensing fees and has opened up the API to anyone with a keyboard! I find the move particularly […]

Firefox vs. Safari

Has it really been over a month since I last wrote on here? Crazy! It has been quite busy ’round these here parts — but I have been meaning to talk about the “browser wars” for a while now. The funny part is, as soon as I finally sit down to write this, I realize […]

My Thoughts on

As a big fan of iTunes, I was quite skeptical that any service out there could offer a better experience for rich media – and although I still believe iTunes is king when it comes to music, video has an interesting new player in town. The site is and for those of you who […]

Nice Kitty!

This has been an eventful week for Apple followers with the release of Leopard, the next chapter in the OSX story. As with any major change in my life, it’s exciting, terrifying, and disorienting all at the same time. Given how much of my time is spent interacting with the computer (and therefore the OS), […]

The hyperlink has grown up

During my interminable search for great content online, I started thinking just how much the web has changed since the first time I heard the irritable noise of a modem trying to “shake hands” with a host. This line of thinking is by no means new or unique, but it was a moment of realization […]

Future of Web Design

I’m planning to hit the FOWD conference in New York this November. I have heard great things about this conference in the past and look forward to hearing some of the industry’s greatest minds. In a field as fast-moving as interactive media, and more specifically web design in my case, it always helps to see […]