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All Things Multi-Touch

It is largely understood that Windows Vista is — in many ways — a flop. So it’s no surprise that Redmond is trying desperately to *gasp* come up with something interesting to offer. Tonight was a much-anticipated appearance by monkey-boy and the evil emperor at All Things Digital in California where they were to give people […]

Me vs. Email

Wasn’t email supposed to make life easier? Then why do I feel a slight twitch in my eye whenever my inbox dings announcing its next victim? Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by this wolf in sheep’s clothing? I have to say, I’m not exactly Mr. Smartie-Pants but I’m beginning to think that keeping tabs […]


I have long wondered about the appeal of having song clips as your phone ringtone. Quite frankly, I just don’t get it. Much like I didn’t get the time I went to a club and people were trying to dance to a Nine Inch Nails song. Don’t get me wrong. Being able to change the […]

Firefox vs. Safari

Has it really been over a month since I last wrote on here? Crazy! It has been quite busy ’round these here parts — but I have been meaning to talk about the “browser wars” for a while now. The funny part is, as soon as I finally sit down to write this, I realize […]

FedEx: A Lesson in Customer Service

I am absolutely flabbergasted! About two weeks ago I ordered some flowers for my wife on our anniversary. They were slated to arrive on a Friday before we went out of town, but it turns out that even though I got the delivery confirmation email, my wife couldn’t find anything outside our door. I was […]

Adobe gets a facelift

As I was casually surfing the web today It occurred to me that I should check out Adobe’s Lightroom application to see what the reviews on speed and reliability look like (more on this later). So as I pointed my intraweb picture-looker machine to Adobe’s site, I was surprised to see that they have finally […]

What it’s like being a client

I’m stuck. You see I have this idea – a great idea – which I know would be successful if I could only get around to putting it together. The problem is, I’m much better at design than I am at code. As I look for a great developer who I can trust and feel like […]