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Cufón: Alternative to sIFR?

sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) has long provided an alternative to the default fonts available to web designers everywhere. However, it has also long provided endless migraine headaches, slowness, and other shortcomings. Enter Cufón, a technology that aims to change all that without the need for a plug-in, and compatible with all type-a browsers. […]

Espresso to be Coda-killer?

Oooh! What’s this? Looks like the web development landscape is ready for some excitement. The folks at MacRabbit (makers of CSS Edit) have announced their newest endeavor which they have named Espresso – an all-in-one approach to web development, an area which (in my opinion) is currently dominated by Coda. I’ll be very curious to […]

Future of Web Design

I’m planning to hit the FOWD conference in New York this November. I have heard great things about this conference in the past and look forward to hearing some of the industry’s greatest minds. In a field as fast-moving as interactive media, and more specifically web design in my case, it always helps to see […]

The more the merrier?

Well, a lot happened in the world of tech today – at least in Apple’s world of tech. Sure, there was a bit of a disappointment at the lack of hardware introduction during today’s Stevenote, however, His Steveness did introduce a new item that I think will affect us interactive designers. As a matter of […]

5 Interactive Design Tips

As some of you may know, I have been involved almost exclusively in Interactive Design for the past two and half years. In that time, I have unavoidably run across some very useful tips that have affected how I approach designing everything I touch — whether print or interactive. I believe these little nuggets of […]

CSS Goood.

After many years of shying away from CSS, I decided to confront it head on once and for all! As I’m sure every developer knows, the best way to learn a new syntax or language is to dive right in and try it on an existing project, which is exactly what I have done. The […]