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New Files on FlashDen

Hi all. Just added three new files to my FlashDen profile (yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done anything on there). They’re all simple time-savers which hopefully makes people’s lives a bit easier. The more significant accomplishment, however, is that they are all AS3 – which I’m now becoming increasingly comfortable with. […]

Cufón: Alternative to sIFR?

sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) has long provided an alternative to the default fonts available to web designers everywhere. However, it has also long provided endless migraine headaches, slowness, and other shortcomings. Enter Cufón, a technology that aims to change all that without the need for a plug-in, and compatible with all type-a browsers. […]

Flash loves Google

One of the most difficult problems to overcome whenever selling the idea of a Flash site is the almighty Search Engine Optimization issue — and rightly so. After all, if your audience can’t find your site, who cares if it’s the mother of all Flash sites? Granted, I think SEO can be taken to an unhealthy […]

Flash Localization for Best Buy

I recently had the opportunity to re-design Best Buy’s corporate site (, and as part of that effort, I encountered a problem I had not worked through before — different languages in Flash. I learned a great deal about dealing with different languages and for the most part, it was not as complicated as I expected […]

Modulos operandi?

What is the modulos anyway? I have used this operator (%) only twice before and I didn’t quite understand it either time. All I knew is that it was doing what I hoped it would. I figured I should probably know what the modulus operator does so I called on the mighty name of Google […]

Adobe Unleashes Flash…Again

Well, this should certainly prove to be interesting. Looks like Adobe is making some interesting changes to the licensing of Flash — particularly in the mobile device front — where it has now decided not to charge licensing fees and has opened up the API to anyone with a keyboard! I find the move particularly […]

Stage = null

About a week ago I decided to finally give AS3 a real test drive as every other attempt I have made to understand the language has ended up in complete frustration that it doesn’t do things the way I’m used to. I have to say the experience has been painful, but I am beginning to […]

Flashbelt 2008

I have just signed up for this year’s Flashbelt event to be held June 9th — 11th in Minneapolis. This will be my first time at this particular event as I have opted not to attend in the past. However, it seems like the event is gaining momentum and is getting some interesting speakers this year […]

Flash Player update: H.264 & AAC

Adobe announced an official update to their Flash Player today which supports the H.264 video codec and AAC audio – both of which have been widely used by Apple. I wonder if this is a way for the two companies to work easier with a little iPhone love in-between! We can only hope. 🙂