Author: D Molanphy

Tips For Newly Graduated Designers

I have had the good fortune of sitting with some recent grads who also happened to be former students of mine. When they were in my class, they were still barely whetting their appetites for design. The rules of clear communication were not so clear to them — they wanted to make “cool” things, not […]

Hello Again.

It has been a little more than a year since I last posted on here and it’s time that I get back on this bandwagon. A very quick update of what has transpired in a year: Mabel is now 16 months old and we’re loving every minute of it. I am now the associate creative […]

Digital Illustrations

I just received a wonderful surprise from my mentor and friend Scott Franson. He does these intricate and exquisite little illustrations that I have long drooled over and today I received four of these pieces from him. What a great way to end the day! (Forgive the graininess and overall poor reproductions – I took […]

Grids and Monsters

I’m fully aware that Halloween has come and gone, but for some reason these little guys didn’t come out of my head until this weekend. I blame it on my new Moleskine since I bought one with a grid this time around. I have concluded that the grid is inhibiting my usual process because I […]

New Files on FlashDen

Hi all. Just added three new files to my FlashDen profile (yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done anything on there). They’re all simple time-savers which hopefully makes people’s lives a bit easier. The more significant accomplishment, however, is that they are all AS3 – which I’m now becoming increasingly comfortable with. […]

Cufón: Alternative to sIFR?

sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) has long provided an alternative to the default fonts available to web designers everywhere. However, it has also long provided endless migraine headaches, slowness, and other shortcomings. Enter Cufón, a technology that aims to change all that without the need for a plug-in, and compatible with all type-a browsers. […]

Resumes are portfolio pieces too.

In these economically straining times, you may have found yourself on the receiving end of the dreaded pink-slip. If so, I’m really sorry. Layoffs seem to have become perfectly acceptable these days – and for many businesses, it’s the first bailout option that management uses. It’s not right — and when it’s your turn to make […]

Choosing a Tween Library

A great subject/post by Lee Brimelow (be sure to read the comments too). I have myself tried a number of Tween libraries, including Fuse, Tweener, TweenLite, and TweenMax and completely agree with Lee that they are all great, and in the end, it’s all about what your needs are.