Unit 10, Entry 1: What I Have Learned So Far

Perhaps the most profound thing I have learned through my Methodologies Studio course has been that great work is not just about the final outcome – that is just one piece of it. Great work happens throughout the journey, and if you’re not aware of this journey, or if you let it just pass you by, no matter how good the end outcome is, it will never be as great as if you achieve it by capturing the journey and savoring those small and often intense moments of creativity.

The corporate world does a magnificent job of drilling “efficiency” in everything we do. We are so busy trying to be “efficient” that we simply forget (or choose to forget) that creativity does not happen in a vacuum. Creativity is best when it is tested, stretched, turned on its head, socialized, internalized. It is then, and only then, that the true process of creativity can be felt, not just seen. This course has been eye-opening for me in that regard, and I have since paid much closer attention to the journey. Not only is it more fulfilling as an individual, it is also smarter, more engaging work. This course has helped me find what got me into graphic design in the first place. The journey.