Unit 8, Entry 1: Reflections on My Creative Process

I have previously discussed what I consider to be my creative process elsewhere in this blog, so I will not go through describing what that looks like again. Instead, I would like to focus this post on what things I do to push myself and “achieve a moment of performance in reach of a noble pursuit.” Frankly, the topic scares me a bit only because that means I need to face the mirror and admit that I do much too little to push myself creatively. Yes, I do the usual things like browse inspiration websites, read the occasional journal article on design, attend the even more occasional professional association event, etc. But none of those things amount to any kind of pushing. I am just a passive observant watching things go by, engaging only superficially on topics and, frankly, constantly wishing that I had done the work that I keep seeing on all these inspiration sites. But, obviously there is a wide chasm between watching and doing, and I do far too little.

So, how do I push myself? Well, I suppose one of the primary reasons for the pursuit of a graduate degree at this stage in my career is because I need someone to push me off the ledge once and for all. I keep staring out there looking at all the other ‘birds’ fly, but I’ve been far too content just sitting on my ledge. Already in my first quarter at SCAD I feel I have been pushed both in the practical and theoretical sides of creativity. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect to be honest, but I certainly didn’t expect to feel that “greeny fire” most of us had when we got our first design gig to be re-ignited so quickly. It is a testament to me that I have been hungry for the challenge for quite some time and didn’t really know it.

Perhaps the most surprising thing to happen so far (keep in mind I’m still on my first quarter), is this insatiable hunger to read essays and thoughts on the industry. I find myself wishing I had more time to write my own thoughts on design – and my thoughts and opinions on the things I’m reading. I am truly devouring my courses right now, and I can honestly say I did not expect that. So whether disruptive wonder will manifest itself in some of the design work I do remains to be seen, I have certainly experience my own disruptive wonder at seeing just how much I’m enjoying all this right now. (Check in with me in a week to see if I still feel the same way.)