Unit 7, Entry 2: Less is More. The Power of a Desk

My desk in it's current state. Cables everywhere!

Ugh. For years now I have wondered how to simplify — truly simplify — my surrounding space and possessions. Today, I stumbled across this wonderfully simple, yet powerful TED talk by Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger.com. (As a side note, I also love the simplicity of his presentation.)

This idea of simplifying your surroundings and editing ruthlessly reminds me of a wonderful video entitled The Desk, by Imaginary Forces. In it, we are afforded a little glimpse into a very famous desk, that of Massimo Vignelli. I have long admired Vignelli’s desk (is that weird?) and his insistence upon clearing it off every night so he can start fresh the next morning. There is something so refreshing — even inspiring – about this idea to me.

I suspect we all have our rituals before starting a big project. Mine is to clear off and organize my desk. I do it thoroughly — often spending up to an hour making sure that everything has a proper place. In many ways, it is my attempt at “editing ruthlessly” – or more likely – a ritual cleansing before the creative gods.

Less truly is more.