Unit 7, Entry 1: How Do You Design?

My refined process now includes playing

In last unit’s post about the creative process, I explained that I follow a modified waterfall process. I should have referred to it as a modified 4D process instead.

During this week’s readings, I discovered that the process I follow continues to appeal to me, however, I made some important distinctions and refinements to the stages I follow. For example, in this new and improved diagram, I have attempted to clarify several of the steps. Perhaps the most significant modifications are calling out the prototyping and feedback loops more specifically. I also included the term play in step three. If I were to point out a step that I continuously overlook in my process, it is playing. Too often, my process is so focused on the final outcome that I forget to truly play and allow that important step to guide the outcomes more often. This is something I will keep in mind as I continue to develop.

On a related note, this particular diagram from Dubberly’s book did resonate greatly with me. I have often called my process a modified waterfall mainly because the transition from one step to the next does not have a clear stopping/starting point. It is far more fluid than that. This diagram does a much better job of showing the underlying transition from step one (research/define) to step five (develop/produce).