Unit 5, Entry 2: Self Assessment

Our mid-term assignment for this course was to put together a five to seven minute audio-visual presentation describing our research findings on our topics. My research and presentation are on Graphic Design as a Profession, a topic which has interested me for some time now.

We are to self-assess our efforts using the following criteria to benchmark our performance: topic introduction, tone, vocabulary, visual design, presentation flow and timing. It is always difficult and awkward to self-assess your assignments, so all I can do is provide my own perspective of how the presentation came to be.

Initially, I was pretty unsure of how the flow of the presentation would unfold, so I decided to answer three simple questions: 1. what is graphic design? 2. what is a profession? and 3. is graphic design a profession? As I move to taking a personal position on the topic, I will undoubtedly need to add a fourth and possibly even a fifth question, but for the purposes of this assignment, these three questions allowed me to focus on some of the research conducted so far.

With the primary questions in place, I then proceeded to explain several of my findings, but I quickly realized that seven minutes was simply not enough time to go into any amount of detail on the topics. I was forced to greatly limit the amount of information presented, and instead opted to touch only on a couple of highlights.

The tone of my presentation is casual and comfortable. Presenting in front of an audience has never been a challenge when I truly know the material, so I made sure that the material was fresh in my mind as I started recording. I discovered, however, that my pacing needed to get faster to meet the time constraints, so I re-recorded the presentation several times until I was able to present the material in under seven minutes.

As far as the visual presentation, I wanted it to be engaging and helpful in reinforcing the message, rather than re-stating it, and I feel that I was able to accomplish just that.

All in all, I feel the presentation was successful – if not a bit rushed. But I guess, in the end, seven minutes really is plenty of time.