Unit 3, Entry 1: On “Thinking Wrong”

How have “thinking wrong” and confronting your heuristic biases impacted your process of exploration thus far?

You don’t usually start ideating for a project with the idea that “thinking wrong” will lead you to the right, or at least a viable, solution. And yet, it is a refreshing new way to explore a project from different angles and different perspectives that may otherwise be missed. But perhaps the most exciting finding for me throughout this exploration so far has been the importance and value of collaboration on everything.

It is easy to preach collaboration, but actually doing it is a different matter altogether. I often encourage the group of designers I manage to talk to each other, to hover over each other’s shoulders (politely of course) and bounce ideas back and forth, and yet, I realized through this exercise that it is not really something that is completely engrained in my own process. In fact, as I worked on my word association assignment, I felt confident that I had developed a comprehensive list of words. After all, I spent 20 minutes on it! About ten times more than I usually spend on word association for myself. So when I received my colleagues’ extensions I was so surprised to see all of the areas I had missed altogether. It was a great reminder on how important bouncing ideas off of other people truly is to the creative process.