Announcing Mabel Elise Molanphy

Our latest creation.

So I have a lot of catching up to do, but let’s start with first things first. The reason for my prolonged hiatus is the birth of our first baby: Mabel Elise Molanphy. She has been with us now for about five weeks and we have yet to recover from the first week. So the way I figure is that by the time she’s 1 year old, we’ll finally figure out how to eat three meals a day again…maybe. Either way, she’s a cutie and we’re so excited to finally meet her! Some more photos here and here.

The photograph above (as well as the ones on the first link) was taken by our good friend (and co-worker) Bill Raab, and I must say – if you’re looking for photography services, give Bill a call. He’s not only the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, but he’s got talent coming out of his ears! His ability to capture intimate, unscripted moments is truly amazing. See his work at and hire him! NOW!

2 thoughts on “Announcing Mabel Elise Molanphy

  1. John Leach

    I wasn’t expecting that!! I came to your site for an AS3 tip. Accessing a variable of a parent. Very useful info, but that’s not why I write.

    After reading your info, I noticed one of your flickr photos on the left. The baby in the photo looked not dissimilar to our recent family addition born late november. So, anyway.. I clicked it for a closer look.

    I was very pleasantly surprised to see that your newborn has the same name as ours. They have similar middle names too.. our daughter is called Mabel Eve.

    Just thought I’d take the time to share that with you and congratulate your great name choice!!

  2. D Molanphy Post author

    Hey thanks John! A great name indeed – and congratulations to you as well. Wife and i are still trying to understand how such a cute little thing can run us over like a freight train every night. Alas, we’re enjoying every minute of it.

    Love the name Eve as well! She’s a cutie. Thanks for stopping by.

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