Grids and Monsters

I’m fully aware that Halloween has come and gone, but for some reason these little guys didn’t come out of my head until this weekend. I blame it on my new Moleskine since I bought one with a grid this time around. I have concluded that the grid is inhibiting my usual process because I have only been able to fill about 10 pages of it with useless doodles. (Normally by now, I would have about 1/3rd of it full).

Anyhow, these “popped” out of my head when I picked up one of my old sketchbooks (with blank pages) and thought I’d share. What’s curious about them is that as they were materializing on paper, I could pinpoint a certain personality with each. My favoritse would have to be the ware-wolf (paranoid insomniac) and the mummy (smart-alec pessimist).

Monster Doodles