New Files on FlashDen

Hi all. Just added three new files to my FlashDen profile (yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done anything on there). They’re all simple time-savers which hopefully makes people’s lives a bit easier. The more significant accomplishment, however, is that they are all AS3 – which I’m now becoming increasingly comfortable with. So without further ado:

MD AS3 Accordion Viewer - FlashDen Item for Sale

MD AS3 Accordion Viewer
A simple accordion viewer that’s XML and CSS driven. Completely resizable and easy to modify (at least in my opinion). I find these useful when having to present multiple items in a small area.


MD Slider
I have used this file (or a similar iteration of it) so many times in my work, with such good results, that I figured why not just package it up and put it up! It’s a simple way of presenting multiple images in a given area.

100106 AS3 Video Player
The hardest one to build by far is this fully AS3 Video Player, built from the ground up and thoroughly tested on PC and Mac! The kicker to this one is that it uses a simple configuration object to work, which can be passed via FlashVars or set up directly inside Flash. I’m most proud of this one.

So that’s what I have for now, but I’ve been toying with some other ideas. I’ll keep ya posted. Oh yeah, and Happy Earth Day!