Cufón: Alternative to sIFR?

sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) has long provided an alternative to the default fonts available to web designers everywhere. However, it has also long provided endless migraine headaches, slowness, and other shortcomings.

Enter Cufón, a technology that aims to change all that without the need for a plug-in, and compatible with all type-a browsers. Let the tinkering begin!

[update]: Cameron Moll has a good post on using Cufón – the good and the bad.

1 thought on “Cufón: Alternative to sIFR?

  1. Mark Parson

    I’m super excited about Cufón! I gave it a spin earlier this week and only had one major concern. Apparently they aren’t supporting text selection until they can find a solution for Opera. (!?) Are there really that many people on Opera?

    A minor issue is no current support for the :hover css property, but maybe a fix for that isn’t too far in the future.

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