It’s beginning to click!

You know when you’re trying really hard to understand something complicated and all of a sudden one day things just click? Folks, it’s happening. The mysteries of AS3 are becoming clearer and I’m finally having a moment or two of lucidity! And I have to say, I’m also beginning to understand all the hype about AS3 and OOP.

There’s still a long road ahead of me. But the fact that I now understand what the ridiculous phrase “implicit coercion” means is a big step for me! (For those of you who still don’t know, it means you’re trying to pass one type of variable when it’s expecting a different type – for example, you’re passing a String when it’s expecting a Number. Why they couldn’t simply say: ‘wrong variable type’ is beyond me).

I will start posting some of my findings soon but I’m so excited that I have now successfully published a file without 30 errors popping up, that I couldn’t contain myself. 🙂