Thank you book fairy!

There has been much controversy as of late on the existence of certain creatures that lurk in darkness around us. However today I stand as a solemn witness that the book fairy is real! He or she (the fairy’s identity alludes me) has chosen our humble abode to deposit a copy of Cameron Moll’s “Mobile Web Design” at our doorstep. I know some of you will cry foul, but rest assured that I am now the proud owner/borrower/recipient of this excellent book.

Now, whether the fairy dropped the book at our doorstep on accident (perhaps thinking it was mine in the first place) I do not know, but I am excited to have been blessed with the gift of his/her visit. If you’re out there oh great fairy, may the mobile device gods bless thee forever. And should you need your book back, (as my wife would say) tough noogie-nubs! Just kidding…you know where to get it.