Bare Bones Strikes Back with BBEdit 9.0

A little bit ago I wrote some quick thoughts on Coda vs. TextMate vs. BBEdit and had all but removed BBEdit from my list of preferred text editors for the Mac. But the good folks at Bare Bones are saying “not so fast buster”! They have just released BBEdit 9.0 and I’m happy to say that it is worth another look!

With this new version, BBEdit has re-joined the party (at least in my book) with a whole boatload of great features — the first of which you will notice will be a big overhaul of their UI (thank you). And speaking of overhauls, they’ve also re-done their site — which has been long overdue in my opinion. But that’s not all folks! Here are three features that I’m most excited about:

  • Projects: view all files in a project on the same window (finally)
  • Search/Replace: Not only have they improved the look of this essential feature, they have also added the ability to edit right on the results – a feature that has been requested for years.
  • Code Completion: One of my favorite things about both Coda and TextMate is code completion. Anything to save time on repetitive tasks! BBEdit’s implementation is nice and robust – and good lookin’ too

And that’s just the beginning! Bare Bones must’ve realized that they were falling way behind on nice-to-have features and they have come back into the fight swingin’ like mad. However, with all the niceties of the shiny new v9, they still have some skeletons in the closet — the preference pane. Somebody please do something about this! Price could use a little help too.

5 thoughts on “Bare Bones Strikes Back with BBEdit 9.0

  1. paul in kirkland

    $125 for BBEdit? That seems insane.

    Do you still prefer Coda to either TextMate or BBEdit?

    I’m trying to move from Dreamweaver to one of these, because all I really use DW for anymore is FTPing to my site, which according to your review is one of the main drawbacks of Textmate. Is that still the case, or have you found a decent workaround?

    Anyway, thanks for the reviews – they’re really helpful.

  2. D Molanphy Post author

    I still haven’t found a simple, intuitive way of FTPing using TextMate. There are bundles you can add that will handle FTP, but they’re not enough to make me want to use TextMate to FTP my files.

    If you’re moving from Dreamweaver’s FTP mechanism, I would definitely recommend Coda as a sound replacement. It took me a short while to figure it out, but once I did, I find it to be very well implemented and super-handy! I do run into the occasional hang, but I’m not sure if that’s my machine or Coda’s FTP implementation. (I suspect it’s my machine).

    I actually use both Coda and TextMate on a regular basis. If I’m working on a full site build, it’s Coda hands down. If I just need to do a quick edit to one file, I use TextMate as it’s quicker to load. Both are powerful tools, and with Coda’s new plug-in architecture, I’m sure it’s gonna just get better!

  3. paul in kirkland

    What do you use as your FTP solution when editing with TextMate? Or does TM have some sort of “Open from Web” feature that I’ve been missing?

  4. D Molanphy Post author

    Since I only use TextMate on one-off documents now, I just FTP my files via Transmit.

    The best solution I’ve seen so far to FTP directly from TextMate is one that octavian pointed me to on my previous post. It involved Transmit and a bundle for TextMate and is best described on this post.

    To be honest, the way I see it is if I have to go through Transmit to give TextMate FTP capabilities, I might as well just use Coda (which uses the Transmit engine).

  5. David Miers

    Truly the transmit integration is quite easy and painless. Thus from a keystroke combo in textmate you have uploaded your file. I believe this bundle is included with the original download.

    Personally I thought textmate was all that until recently I was doing some work to prepare html docs for csv to enter into database. I had played with textmates feature to remove all html and it puts the whole file on one line. Well that kinda worked, but I discovered that was straining it’s resources. Loaded the same file in BBedit and the slowness disappeared. Coda has also been iffy on large files, and espresso, I still am not sure what’s going on there. I’m either missing something with espresso or something, not feeling the love. BBedit and textmate are my favs, but Coda does redeem itself with previewing directly into IE if your running Vmware Fusion.

    So no, just buy all 3 and transmit and be done with it, they all have their points. Had to pick one, well the more I use the new bbedit, the more I’m inclined to pick it.

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