Aperture’s gallery export not so great

After doing a great deal of research on Apple Aperture vs. Adobe Lightroom, I finally landed on Apple’s Aperture. Not so much because the feature set was amazing, but because I had already bought Aperture v1 a while back and figured the upgrade would be cheaper.

Now, there are countless reviews of both products that are fantastic for anyone trying to decide, but I can tell you that after using both products, I can say that both of them are freakin’ awesome, and you simply can’t go wrong with either one. It really boils down to a matter of preference (and computing power actually — as Aperture practically demands an Intel Mac Pro).

Anywho, I won’t get into that right now. My focus at the moment is on Aperture’s export to gallery feature (which I use constantly). I simply love the simplicity of exporting an Aperture gallery. It’s an elegant way of presenting your work to the world, and you can even password-protect your galleries so you can publish an entire photo shoot for your client — and your client only. Very cool.

But there is one MAJOR flaw with Aperture’s gallery feature which confuses me to no end. And that’s the fact that there is no way to publish the photo’s caption – only the photo’s file name. Perhaps there is good logic behind this for professional photographers (even though I fail to see it) – but the fact that you can publish captions to the same gallery using iPhoto and not Aperture completely blows my mind.

Of course, the simple solution is to drag my photos over to iPhoto, and publish from there…but that is not the point here. The point is that the feature already exists — and porting it to Aperture would take Apple’s engineers a whopping two minutes (by my very scientific and precise calculations).

So there you have it. Aperture rocks — but no captions? In the immortal words of Gob…COME ON!!!!!

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