Me vs. Email

Wasn’t email supposed to make life easier? Then why do I feel a slight twitch in my eye whenever my inbox dings announcing its next victim? Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed by this wolf in sheep’s clothing? I have to say, I’m not exactly Mr. Smartie-Pants but I’m beginning to think that keeping tabs on my six (yes, six) email addresses is not helping.

Why six you ask? Oh, well, for various completely useless reasons. Let’s see…one email for FlashDen, one for junk mail (you know, the catch-all email that you use whenever you don’t want to hand out your real address), one for my own site, another one for junk mail (well, it was intended for junk mail, but then I ended up liking the sites I signed up for using the email, so now I check it often), one for an event I’m trying to organize, and one for my .mac account.

That’s not counting the various emails I use to maintain my many domains — or my work email for that matter (which I refuse to check outside of work — unless it’s really important).

Anywho…I’ve been seriously considering declaring email bankruptcy. Problem is, I am signed up for so many things and keep so many emails to begin with that I’m afraid to turn any of them off. I mean — what if the world stops spinning and I don’t get the message?! Ugh. Darn this blasted email thing!

Well, no more! I am committed to getting this whole mess sorted out! So stay tuned. (And for those of you who will unavoidably suggest the GTD method, let me warn you right now that unless it’s stupid simple and fast, it just won’t happen. I hope you can make a liar out of me though.