Adobe Unleashes Flash…Again

Well, this should certainly prove to be interesting. Looks like Adobe is making some interesting changes to the licensing of Flash — particularly in the mobile device front — where it has now decided not to charge licensing fees and has opened up the API to anyone with a keyboard!

I find the move particularly interesting as Microsoft continues to push its Silverlight software in an effort to topple Flash’s foothold. Could this be Adobe’s preemptive measure against Redmond? Or are they thinking ahead in order to dominate the rich mobile market as they have done with web browsers? Only time will tell, but my gut tells me that Adobe’s sites are dead set on the multi-billion dollar world of mobile technology.

Here’s to hoping Apple gets their junk together and uses this as an opportunity to add Flash to the iPhone. Bottom-line is, whether they like it or not, Flash is all over the web, and no mobile web browsing experience will ever be complete unless you’re able to completely browse as you would on your pc.