I have long wondered about the appeal of having song clips as your phone ringtone. Quite frankly, I just don’t get it. Much like I didn’t get the time I went to a club and people were trying to dance to a Nine Inch Nails song.

Don’t get me wrong. Being able to change the ringtone on your phone is definitely worthwhile if you’re changing it to a louder tone, or a more effective ringing pattern — it’s just the song thing I don’t get. I am baffled that the ringtone industry is as big as it is! Do people really change their ringtones that often?

Hmm…maybe I’m getting old. Although I did hear one particular ringtone that I quite enjoyed — it was the theme song for Super Mario Bros! Now who doesn’t love that?! 😉

[UPDATE]: Heh. Apparently I wasn’t the only one thinking about ringtones lately.

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