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Society of Digital AgenciesIt’s been a while since I have visited FWA as I am currently very busy with work and other extracurricular endeavors, but while there I noticed their advertisement section on the top right corner for SoDA. I am still not very familiar with what this is, but I am nonetheless hopeful of what it could be.

Since becoming primarily an interactive designer, I have been wanting an organization like AIGA that would focus on interactive design and media. There is a local organization in Minnesota (MIMA) that begins to satisfy that need, but it is a marketing-oriented organization, so it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

So what is it that I am looking for you may ask? Well, it’s hard to say really — but in essence, I want a strong AIGA-like organization whose primary (and perhaps only) focus is interactive media. This should really be something that AIGA takes on in my opinion, but they seem to struggle with how print and interactive live together — which is not a unique problem to them. We struggle with it every day at work. How do the principles that have made print design so successful and important in the business world translate to the interactive world and still maintain their value? I have heard the argument a million times — good design is good design, if you can design for print you can design for web. Well, I can’t even begin to tell you how naive that statement is. It is precisely because of this that I hope SoDA fills the gap that AIGA hasn’t been able to fill on its own.

I don’t have any idea what SoDA is yet. I have signed up for the newsletter (I’m guessing that’s what they’re asking for in the banner ad) but I have yet to hear anything from them. All I know at this point is that I hope it becomes the resource I (and I know many of you) have been craving.

If any of you out there have any more information on SoDA, please comment. Here’s to hoping!

2 thoughts on “SoDA: Society of Digital Agencies

  1. Mark

    Thanks for pointing this group out, I’ve just signed up for their newsletter, and hope to see good things forthcoming…

    I completely agree that we need an organization that addresses the specific challenges of interaction design. Something will surely fill that void as interaction design moves from its awkward adolescence into a more stable adulthood. Perhaps this is it.

    I’ve also recently joined the newly formed Interaction Design Association. They definitely have much more of an engineering bent, but there certainly room for a few passionate designers to wade in and voice their thoughts.

    “— good design is good design, if you can design for print you can design for web. Well, I can’t even begin to tell you how naive that statement is.” He he, well said.

  2. D Molanphy Post author

    Hey Mark, thanks for the link to IxDA. I think I stumbled across their site once but didn’t really pay attention to it (might’ve had something to do with the picture of the guy making hand puppets). he,he,he. I’ll be keeping an eye on them but keep us posted on any other developments in the interactive design community.

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