FedEx: A Lesson in Customer Service

I am absolutely flabbergasted! About two weeks ago I ordered some flowers for my wife on our anniversary. They were slated to arrive on a Friday before we went out of town, but it turns out that even though I got the delivery confirmation email, my wife couldn’t find anything outside our door. I was confused (and frustrated) and decided: oh great! These guys delivered it somewhere else.

That is in fact what they did. As I picked up the phone, I thought: they’re gonna get an earful! But I was immediately disarmed when the person on the other line was immediately apologetic and gracious. She called the delivery person and promised to call me back with an update — to which I replied (in my head) “sure you are.”

I was surprised again when 10 minutes later a local FedEx representative called me and explained that the flowers had indeed been delivered to a different address — my neighbor’s. The explanation was that the driver was afraid that the flowers wouldn’t hold up well in the harsh cold so as my neighbor was leaving his driveway, he was approached by the FedEx driver and asked if he could deliver the flowers for him.

Now, up until now, nothing I have explained would be too out of the ordinary — or at least, I would hope not. No, the real surprise came today (keep in mind this is two weeks later). I just answered a call from the same FedEx representative who was calling because she was worried about the flowers, and wanted to make sure I had gotten them and that they were still alive! And to top it off, she wished me a Merry Christmas! Not the watered-down pc version “Happy Holidays” (which I think is a complete and total joke — not to mention offensive to me).

Finally, as a way of comparison, here’s a nice photo I took of another package sent to me by one of FedEx’s biggest competitors last week:


(Oh, and did I mention that what was inside is extremely fragile)? I think FedEx has my business.