Adobe gets a facelift

As I was casually surfing the web today It occurred to me that I should check out Adobe’s Lightroom application to see what the reviews on speed and reliability look like (more on this later). So as I pointed my intraweb picture-looker machine to Adobe’s site, I was surprised to see that they have finally given their home on the web a much-needed facelift. My frustrations with Adobe’s site are plentiful and extensive, so I hope this new implementation takes care of at least half of them.

I have yet to understand their archaic and overly-complex AdobeID mechanism – as if I don’t have 3000 other “special” ids I have to remember already! Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for these logins, but there are simpler and friendlier ways of handling those, and I look forward to the day where OpenID rules the intraweb! 🙂