To iPhone or not to iPhone?

That seems to be the question as of late. With Apple’s marketing saavy and an eager fan base hoping for the next revolution in mobile technology, the iPhone has quickly gained an almost cult-like following – without even being released yet! An amazing feat for sure!

So six months after its initial “introduction” to the world, the iPhone is finally reaching eager hands on Friday at 6pm, and in typical Apple fashion, the event is surrounded by secrecy and anticipation. So the question is, should you take the (gulp) $600 leap? Or should you wait it out until the hype dies down a bit and Mr. Job’s Reality Distortion Field fades a little?

Well, if you’re a techno-goob like me – and you happen to have $600 lying around (not like me) – then why the heck not! After all, the iPhone’s web browser and cool multi-touch interface are enough to make anyone drool! But if you’re still unsure about it, check out some of the early reviews that have been pouring in! Mr. Mossberg seems to give it a thumbs up, and if that’s not enough to make up your mind, there are any number of reviews out there that might be more to your liking.

So will I make the leap? Honestly, I’d love to! But the idea of changing networks and dropping that kind of cash on a phone makes me cringe. Perhaps generation two? I will tell you this…I’ll be sure to get my grubby little hands on one of these as soon as I can – I just need to experience the multi-touch interface for myself!

And for those of you crazy enough to start making a line 4 days before the event…well, you make us proud! Techno-goobs forever!!!!

2 thoughts on “To iPhone or not to iPhone?

  1. admin Post author

    I couldn’t wait any longer. I got it, and it’s all that and a bag o’ chips! Of course, it has its “issues” here and there (like no copy/paste), but overall, the user experience is awesome, phone works nicely, and hardware seems solid.

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