The more the merrier?

Well, a lot happened in the world of tech today – at least in Apple’s world of tech. Sure, there was a bit of a disappointment at the lack of hardware introduction during today’s Stevenote, however, His Steveness did introduce a new item that I think will affect us interactive designers. As a matter of fact, I believe Apple may have just made our lives a little more difficult…or maybe not. We shall see.

With today’s introduction of a Windows-compatible public beta for Safari, I quickly started running through development nightmares in my mind. I’m not what I would consider a well-seasoned CSS developer, but I know enough to be quite dangerous at it – and one thing that became painfully apparent during my first projects using all CSS layouts, was the vast differences in browser renderings between platforms. And of course, all of you who have done ANY CSS at all know who I’m talking about (yes, the infamous IEv6).

So needless to say, I’m a bit nervous that yet another browser has been introduced into this seemingly never-ending saga. I’m hoping that it uses essentially the same rendering engine (WebKit) as Safari for Mac, but I’m curious to know what kinds of “quirks” it might introduce when dealing with fonts…as PCs and Macs deal with these little rodents quite differently.

On that note…I also found it curious that there wasn’t much more said about the iPhone’s “development” environment – if you can call it that. Perhaps I need a little more schooling in the land of AJAX, but as far as I know, Web 2.0 and AJAX are hardly worthy SDK candidates…especially for a cell phone. I wonder if this was a typical Apple cop-out of “let’s give them something so they shut up.” What a bummer. I was hoping that someone as innovative as Apple would understand the importance of letting people develop in this largely un-tapped market that is cell phones. (And by largely un-tapped, I mean development of applications that actually work correctly…and well…and by and large, that are well designed – as opposed to the 98% of Java crap that’s out there today). Phew…I think I had a bit to say about that. 🙂