CSS Goood.

After many years of shying away from CSS, I decided to confront it head on once and for all! As I’m sure every developer knows, the best way to learn a new syntax or language is to dive right in and try it on an existing project, which is exactly what I have done. The site that underwent this unfortunate experiment of mine happens to be my wife’s blog (KitchenNut).

I’m happy to say that not only has the site survived my tinkering, but it has been a very useful tool in helping me shed my fear of the much dreaded CSS. So what did I think you ask? Well…to keep it short and sweet: I have seen the light!

As a designer, the idea of being able to control every element on the screen with pixel accuracy is a godsend! And yes, I know this stuff has been around for a long time now, but I’m fortunate enough to work with some awesome developers who take care of all the coding for us designers.

The differences between table-based layouts and CSS are so vast you can’t really compare them. And being VERY comfortable in the table world, I was reluctant to make the jump! I’ve already got enough on my plate trying to understand OOP, so adding yet more syntax into my brain seemed almost impossible (keep in mind my brain is not that large). Anywho, CSS rocks. Seriously! Once you get a hold of the box model and more importantly, floats – your html world changes and for the first time you see that the many limitations which used to exist in table layouts are completely gone! Oh yeah, and forget about your trusty little friend “spacer.gif.” You will never see this little guy again!

Now you couple all this CSS goodness with the DOM model (my next challenge) and JavaScript (goodness, I have a lot of learning to do), and you’ve got yourself some SWEEEEET websites! Now if I can just wrap my head around OOP!!!! ugh. 🙁