Big Spaceship’s Big Kahuna?

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, but quite frankly, there really hasn’t been much to talk about lately. Or perhaps I’m just lazy (I’ll put my money on the latter one).

I just got back from a two day session with Joshua Hirsch from Big Spaceship in San Francisco. As far as him being the Big Kahuna, I’m not totally sure, but I needed a more clever title than just Big Spaceship… Anywho, for those of you who don’t know Big Spaceship is an rich media firm based in Brooklyn, NY (what that means is that they make really cool websites and sell them for lots of money so they can pay to live in NYC). They have been behind some of the most innovative sites you can see these days (such as Nike, Sony Pictures, Paramount, etc). They work primarily with large movie studios, although it sounds like they’re trying to break into different markets (good for them. Never a bad idea to put your eggs in more than one basket). Some examples of sites they have designed are the sites for DaVinci Code, Nike Air, Lost, etc.

So now that you know who they are, I can continue with my post. So I just got back from a workshop with J. Hirsch, who’s BS’s “Minister of Technology” (aka: Actionscript Guru). In reality, BS has 50+ employees, and they currently have several Actionscript gurus, but he’s the “big kahuna” per say.

I can’t really say I understood most of what he explained, but I can say that this guy knows his stuff. It was very enlightening to see how “the big boys” work and the way they structure their files. I just hope I’m able to implement some of my newfound knowledge without having an aneurism (which I must confess I was close to having already).

More than anything the workshop has made me a little nervous about my future with Actionscript. As much as I enjoy figuring these things out, it seems like Adobe is widening the gap between designers and developers (which is a good idea in reality, since this way each can really specialize in what they do best), however, that puts us “hybrids” in a really tight spot. I do love to code, and I do understand OOP practices in theory, but putting them into practice seems not only challenging but long and tedious. As Hirsch was showing us examples of how Actionscript will be changing in its next implementation, I couldn’t help feeling like I may be out of a job soon, unless of course I want to dive into this stuff full force. Problem is…I’m not sure I do. I’m at a point with Actionscript where I really like the flexibility I have. I can design and develop, but not go overboard. Seems like with Actionscript 3, you have to go overboard. 🙂 The whole idea gives me a headache. Too many technologies to learn, too little time. 🙁 And even worse…much less interest.

In the end though, I did get a great deal from the workshop. I think the things I learned will help me organize myself in any future projects I create (which in turn, can save both time and money). If you ever get a chance to check this guy out, you should.