iWant iPhone

It seems like ever since the iPhone got announced two days ago, the web is buzzin’ with the usual commentaries, so I figured I might just add one more. As can be expected, half the world loves it, the other half hates it, and of course, everyone wants it.

In my personal opinion, I can’t wait to get my hands on one, but that will have to wait at least another year, when the iPhone hits generation 2, or even 3. I think it already more than exceeds my expectations (I’m not sure that I had any), but I must confess I was disappointed by the 8Gb size, the battery life, and the contract with Cingular…although I understand why every one of those decisions was made.

I figure if I wait at least another year or so, I can not only figure out how I’m going to rationalize spending $600 on a toy, but hopefully by then technology will continue to advance and the battery life, hd size, and network carrier will all have better/cheaper options. Until then, kudos to Apple for once again leapfrogging us into a new era of consumer electronics.