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Posted 30 June 2008

The folks at Walmart are getting ready to bust out their new logo in the Fall – which unsurprisingly is just as bad as the service in their stores. Seriously? This is all they could come up with?

3 Responses to “Walmart updates logo – same bad service”

  1. Dustin Says:

    The logo isn’t a huge step for them but I have to disagree that the service is horrible. From a customer standpoint you would be hard-pressed to find something they wouldn’t let you return, save software, for any reason. I’m not the biggest Walmart fan in the world either, but at least they redeem themselves in some way. By the way, when did they drop the dash?

  2. D Molanphy Says:

    @Dustin Unfortunately, my experience has been everything but pleasant at Walmart. I live right next to a very large (and very new) Walmart and it would be far more convenient for me to go there – however, I choose to drive the extra 1.5 miles to Target just to avoid their horrible service (I can return anything there just as easily).

    As far as the dash is concerned, it’s probably the only good thing (in my opinion) about their new identity. Certainly much easier to type!

    Be sure to check out Armin’s take on the new design.

  3. chad Says:

    I’m not a big fan of Walmart. The checkout lines are always horrendous.