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Posted 14 April 2008

A little bit ago I posted about SoDA but I did not know exactly what the program was and I have yet to receive any updates on it.

Today, I decided to follow-up and see if I could gain any more knowledge on this new organization – and trusty ol’ Google didn’t disappoint – granted I’m a little late. SoDA is an Adobe-sponsored organization with a goal “to Drive Best Practices and Industry Guidelines” in the interactive design community. It is composed of 18 world renowned digital agencies which will

“meet regularly to address issues such as technical complexity, rapid changes in content distribution, scaling issues, timelines and technology’s impact on budgets — all of which effect the quality, innovation and accessibility of digital media.”

As SoDA’s role in the community becomes clearer, I am sure we will be hearing more about it. As a matter-of-fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Adobe makes a big hoopla over this at FlashForward in August, where all of these agencies are usually gathered for Adobe’s big keynote.

Of particular interest to me is the opportunity SoDA has to fill the gap left by AIGA in interactive media and my hopes are that it does not become just another marketing organization, or worse yet, another developer conference (we have plenty of those), but instead, focuses more heavily on art and design using interactive media as its canvas. One can only hope.

Read the full press-release | Visit SoDA Website

2 Responses to “SoDA Update”

  1. clueless Says:

    So, did you join, yet? Will you offer feedback about if it’s worth joining, please?

  2. Doug Pollei Says:

    Struck design of SLC is on their list. I would suggest reaching out to them to find out what it is all about.