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Posted 21 July 2007

For those of you who are keeping track (probably no one actually), I have uploaded the MD Portfolio Site v2 to FlashDen, and I think it’s pretty cool if I may say so myself! I have gone in and added multiple portfolios and a whole bunch of other goodies to make it one of my best pieces yet.

11 Responses to “More FlashDen Goodies!”

  1. tom Says:

    nice !! how much time did it take 2 finish it?

  2. D Molanphy Says:

    Thanks Tom. Took me about 1 week of development (combined) to make sure all the bugs were squashed out of it. I’m hoping none survived! ;)

  3. mi1stormilst Says:

    I happen to be in love with this “goody” I hope I can convince you to help me with a few questions I have about it. I just Purchased it today and have it loaded and functional…just need help with the logos and such.

    Thanks for the great design.

  4. D Molanphy Says:

    @mi1stormilst What’s stumping you?

  5. mi1stormilst Says:

    Oh gosh thank you it is killing me. I just can’t figure out how to replace the logo. BTW I love your pictures they are very cool.

  6. mi1stormilst Says:

    here is a link to what I have figured out so far A very well put together template. The logo is just frustrating. I believe the John Doe address information is going to drive me just as nutz? I can see where you edit the gallery descriptions so no problem there.

  7. D Molanphy Says:

    many folks get stuck on this one – I guess it’s not simple enough. Just replace it right on the Flash file itself. It does not get replaced via scripting – just open up that text tool and go crazy!

  8. mi1stormilst Says:

    Ummm, that is not helping explanation is not helping me at all. I am basically totally lost on this part. I just updated the information in and uploaded it via FTP. It did nothing at all even after setting to false. In fact I am not even sure that entire folder even has to be uploaded to make the site work )-: Are you willing to let me call ya on Skype :-) I just had to ask I am loosing it…

  9. D Molanphy Says:

    Open up Flash, look in the Library for the Logo, double-click it, edit it. Do the same for the address. Then re-publish. Finally, make sure that whatever the name of the SWF file being published matches the name of the SWF file being called for in the index.html.

  10. mi1stormilst Says:

    Yes I got that far last night, I opened up flash and finally found the logo and tried to edit it but it appears to be an image only )-:

  11. mi1stormilst Says:

    I may have figured out how to edit the logo because flash allows me to import a new PNG graphic with those specifications. It appears updated but I have not tried publishing yet because the address info is not in a PNG format and is not editable? Possible we could take up this conversation via email. Once I get this all figured out I will be happy to post a full training on how to work with all this so you will not have to be bothered with these noob questions :-) mi1stormilst (@) gmail (.) com